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3-D Coordinate Geometry & Error Propagation

Based Upon the Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM)

(Tru3D website established June 2017 - last modified June 2017)

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This web page is an interim connection betweeen the previous Global COGO, Inc. web site and a new web site (Tru3D.XYZ) being developed to highlight the true 3-D nature of geospatial data as described in the Second Edition of "The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model: Principles and Applications."

The previous Global COGO web site continues to be maintained.

Items of interest for this new site include:

----- I. CRC Press web site for purchase of Second Edition -- for other purchase options, web search "Global Spatial Data Model Second Edition"

----- II. Flyer developed by CRC Press promoting the Second Edition.

----- III. Poster presented at AGU meeting in San Francisco, December 2016 discussing true 3-D.

----- IV. Information for geospatial policy makers.

----- V. Proposal for establishing a graduate course in characteristics of 3-D spatial data.

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