Makes the Case for Network and Local Accuracies with the 3-D GSDM

Information on this site documents Wisconsin GPS Network described in 2nd Edition

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I. Overall description of network and local accuracy project in Wisconsin. Click here (Posted May 12, 2020)

II. Comparison of Wisconsin Network/Local Accuracies. Read Next

III. Development of Terms Network Accuracy and Local Accuracy Appendix E 2nd Ed.

IV. Map of CORS installations in Wisconsin Exhibit A.

V. Map of local network used in project. Exhibit B.

VI. Printout (8 pages) of least squares adjustment. Exhibit C

VII. Two-page printout of BURKORD(TM) file. Exhibit D

VIII. Four-page printout of accuracy comparisons between all point-pairs in project. Exhibit E

IX. One-page printout comparing point-pair accuracies for "relaxed" control. Exhibit F

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