BURKORD® Software

3-D Coordinate Geometry & Error Propagation Software

Based Upon the Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM)
Updated June 24, 2010

A Windows version of the BURKORD® 3-D software is called WBK and a 50 point version is free to anyone requesting it. WBK performs 3-D Coordinate Geometry (3-D COGO) computations based upon the Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM) and includes error propagation features that allow the spatial data user to see, monitor, and use the standard deviation of each component of each point at all times (given appropriate input). Answers can be viewed in a variety of coordinate systems.

A commercial version called WBK-Pro is still being developed. Details on availability of WBK-Pro will be posted here. Persons wanting to download a copy of WBK-Basic should click on the download link below. The size of the file is about 5 mb.

The download link also provides access to the DOS version of BURKORDB (not BURKORD8) and a spreadsheet (Appendix C in the GSDM book) for computing network and local accuracies in terms of the GSDM.

Note - BURKORD8 has been used successfully since 1997. However, several bugs were recently discovered and corrected. BURKORD8 fails to inverse two points when one is directly above/below the other. BURKORDB also shows one additional decimal place in the covariance matrix printout in Option 3.

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