Issues Related to Licensing BURKORD®

Fast forward to the not too distant future:

Given the simplicity and universality of the Global Spatial Data
Model (GSDM), it and the associated BURKORD® data base are used
by many people in various disciplines the world over.  Are your 
customers (software users) among them?

Goals for developing and licensing BURKORD®:

1.  Anyone desiring to use the GSDM and the BURKORD® label
    should be able to do so conventiently and economically.  In 
    advertising, seminars, and other places (such as the www),
    spatial data users will be asked,  "Does your favorite software
    support creation and use of a BURKORD® database?"

2.  Upon payment of a modest BURKORD® licensing fee, developers
    and software vendors should be at liberty to implement the GSDM 
    in a non-prescriptive manner while enjoying the "standardization"
    benefits of using a BURKORD® 3-D data base.  

3.  It should be easy to obtain a BURKORD® license so GSDM software
    vendors can legitimately advertise compatibility with a BURKORD®
    data base.

Licensing Options:

1.  Purchase existing copyrighted FORTRAN77 source code of prototype
    BURKORD® software and program documentation.  Click here  to request
    a free demo copy of BURKORD® which handles up to 5 points.
    A self-extracting file will be sent via return email. 

2.  Purchase right to advertise "BURKORD®" compatibility in your 
    software products.

3.  Purchase right (after appropriate testing) to claim "Global COGO 
    Tested" for integrity and compatibility.

4.  Other

Intellectual Property Issues:

1.  The term global spatial data model (GSDM) is generic.  All
    equations used in the GSDM are published in existing references.

2.  A document defining and describing the GSDM is copyrighted 
    and on file with the U.S. Copyright Office.

3.  The label BURKORD® is registered with the U.S. Patent and
    Trademark Office.

4.  Prototype BURKORD® software is also copyrighted and on file.

Interested parties are invited to ask questions and/or submit an offer stating what non-exclusive rights you would like to purchase. Also include desired terms and conditions for same. Suggestion: Including a modest "per copy" royalty can be used to offset the initial licensing fee required. Click here to contact Global COGO.

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BURKORD® is a registered trademark of Global COGO, Inc.