Participation in Surveying & Geomatics Educators Society (SaGES)

by: Earl F. Burkholder, PS, PE, F.ASCE - Global COGO, Inc.

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SaGES Presentations:

The Surveying Educators in North America (Surveying & Geomatics Educators Society - SaGES) have met
periodically since the first such meeting at Rainy Lake, Minnesota, in 1937. A comprehensive history
of those meetings has been reviewed for a future issue of Surveying and Land Information Science (SaLIS).

I was privileged to attend and participate in the following conferences. I made many good friends and 
created wonderful memories.
     -----  1984 "The B.S. Surveying Degree at OIT," Fresno, CA.  click here. 

     -----  1987 "The RAC Accreditation Experience at OIT," Madison, WI.  click here. 

     -----  1993 "Participating in the Peer Review and Publication Process," Gainsville, FL.  click here.  

     -----  1999 "Geomatics Education and the Global Spatial Data Model," West Lafayette, IN.  click here 

     -----  2001  1/2 Day workshop "Geomatics and the Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM)," and  
                      "ACSM and Geomatics Education," Penn State Wilkes-Barre, PA.  click here 
     -----  2005 "Geomatics Curriculum Design Issues," Corpus Christi, TX.  click here.     

     -----  2007 Panel Discussion on "ABET Accreditation Criteria," Big Rapids, MI.  click here. 

     -----  2017 Two papers presented - Corvallis, OR:
                         1.) "Opportunity for Surveying Professionals to be Innovative Leaders in the Spatial Data Community,"  click here. 
                         2.) "Concepts of Spatial Data Accuracy Need Our Attention,"  click here. 

     ----- 2019  Nichols State University, Thibodaux, LA. I attended a UESI Geomatics Division Education Committee
                         meeting while there, but did not make a formal SaGES presentation. It was very enjoyable. 

     ----- 2022 Virtual SaGES Conference, August 2, 3, & 4 2022 - "Digital Twins and the Elephant in the Room"  click here. 

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