Links Related to Education and Implementation of the GSDM.

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(This page was established October 18, 2019 - last modified March 17,2020)

I. POB article on spatial data accuracy. Posted March 17, 2020. The POB Version can be accessed at the POB web site

Proposal for establishing a graduate course in characteristics of 3-D spatial data. Posted October 18, 2019.

III. Technial paper describing horizontal distance options. Posted October 18, 2019.

IV. Opportunity for Geomatics educators to be inspiring leaders. Posted October 18, 2019.

V. Discussion of spatial data accuracy for ALTA/NSPS Minimum Standards. Posted January 9, 2020.

VI. Modern concepts for civil engineering practice and education in Geomatics. Posted January 9, 2020.

VII. 3-D Geomatics curriculum design for Surveying Educators. Posted January 8, 2020.

VIII. Perspective for viewing and teaching spatial data concepts - AWARD WINNING PAPER! Posted January 9, 2020.

IX. Geomatics and 3-D both need to accommodate the digital revolution - Purdue 1999. Posted January 9, 2020.

X. 3-D Opportunity: Article published in last issue of Aggie Surveyor - 1999. Posted January 10, 2020.

XI. ABET RAC as successfully emplemented at Oregon Institute of Technology. Posted January 9, 2020.

XII. 1st ABET RAC accreditation at Oregon Insitute of Technology - modern curriculum design. January 9, 2020.

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