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I. Resume of Earl F. Burhkolder Click here.
II. Various awards to Earl F. Burkholder Click here.
III. 2019 POB article on EFB career - Link
-----There is a typo in the print version..."NAD 27 level loop" near end of the POB article should be "NGVD 29 level loop."
-----It is worthwhile to visit SEWRPC link at end of the article. Read cover letter, abstract, and introduction.
-----(That SEWRPC 3-D report was written over 20 years ago and is still relevant!)
IV. OIT Surveying alumni - 50th Reunion - 1997 Click here.
V. Link to articles written by Earl F. Burkholder and published by ASCE, Click here.
VI. Link to articles written by Earl F. Burkholder for New Mexico Surveyors Newsletter, Benchmarks,
Click here.

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