Information on development of Second Edition of the 3-D GSDM book.

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(This page was established April 2015 - last modified Februay 25, 2017)

I. History of GSDM an Appendix in 2nd Ed. This is important - READ IT!
II. Quick Links to Selected Topics/Items.
III. Introduction to Second Edition project.
IV. Background information related to the Second Edition.
V. What are some of the philosophical considerations?
VI. The following examples are contemplated.
VII. Questionnaire sent to all 50 state DOTs.
VIII. Questionnaire sent to all 50 state DOTs - hardcopy version.
IX. Questionnaire sent to organizations and federal agencies.
X. This item was sent to surveying/geomatics/GIS educators.
XI. A dramatic example of distance distortion.
XII. An example of using the GSDM to compare very precise baseline distance measured in 1900 comparison.
XIII. A fascinating musical analogy is appropriate.
XIV. Summary of status of writing effort - August 2015.
XV. Presentation to APA-ASCE (planners and civil engineers) on September 24, 2015, about the impact of the COGO Report Card.
XVI.Thought provoking article on the Future of Surveying Disruptive Innovation.
XVII. Belated status report declaring the 2nd Edition DONE.
XVIII. Poster presented 13 December 2016 at AGU Fall Meeting promoting implementation of GSDM for 3-D Digital Spatial Data. Poster

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