The Role of a Model.

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I. One-page summary containing an abstract and listing current resources. Click here. October 26, 2021

       -----  The Role of a Model is described and

       -----  Numerous examples are listed.

II. To the extent possible, a model should be both adequate and simple. The GSDM is both.

       -----  The GSDM is adequate - see  article.  October 26, 2021

       -----  The GSDM is simple by comparison - see  click here.  October 26, 2021

III. The GSDM also. . . 

       -----  Provides a common computational environment  for all.  October 26, 2021
       -----  Dispenses with the need for geoid modeling for most  users.  October 26, 2021

       -----  Facilitates a transition to the 2022 datum  click here.  October 26, 2021

       -----  Provides a foundation for spatial infrastructure and "digital twins."  click here. 

       -----  Supports discussions of "abstraction/technology/policy/practice/,"  click here. 

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