3-D COGO and Error Propagation Based on the GSDM

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Continuing Education Materials (page currently under construction)

This page provides access to continuing education materials related to use of the GSDM
for both spatial and geospatial data computations. 

   1.  Spatial data (e/n/u) are used under "flat-Earth" assumptions.

   2.  Geospatial data are those referenced to the Earth. The reference could be:
          a.  Geodetic latitude/longitude/height.
          b.  Geocentric Earth-fixed Earth-centered (ECEF)rectangular coordinates.
                (GSDM uses local coordinate differences obtained from ECEF differences.)
          c.  State plane (map projection) coordinates and elevation.
                (Regretfully map projections and elevations do not share the same origin.)

The GSDM relies heavily on rules of solid geometry, rectangular coordinates, and coordinate differences.

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