3-D COGO and Error Propagation Based on the GSDM

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This page reflects items of current interest.

 1. Upcoming presentations by EFB include:

     a. HTC - presentation on November 1, 2021 went well. HTC Board is collecting additional data. 
     b. NM GAC - presented November 9, 2021 - see copy of Agenda and  presentation.   
     c. ASCE/UESI - notice of proposal acceptance (or not) in December.
     d. NGS webinar for CORS stakeholders on November 17, 2021 was excellent.  
        (Look for subsequent posting of same on NGS website.)

 2. The Global COGO, Inc. web page is being redesigned and rebuilt. 
     Currently experimenting with background colors...comments?

 3. Miscellaneous items can be found posted at  click here 

 4. More stuff here

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