3-D COGO and Error Propagation Based on the GSDM

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Comparison of True 3-D and Pseudo 3-D (this page is still under construction)

As it turns out, the discussion of True 3-D and Pseudo 3-D is not trivial. Many issues and facets are involved. Preliminary resources include:

   1.  Comments on "abstraction" of spatial data applications presented to New Mexico Geospatial Advisory Committee, November 2021  click here. 

   2.  EFB comments on Digital Twins and the Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM) February 2022  click here. 

   3.  Link to Digital Twins Report by the World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) published April 2022  click here.  

   4.  True vs Pseudo 3-D or "Elephant-in-the-Room" presented at Surveying Educators Conference (SaGES), August 2022  click here.  

   5.  Andemum to SaGES presentation as published in NMPS Newsletter - Benchmarks, September 2022  click here.  

   6. Comprehensive discussion of True 3-D compared to Pseudo 3-D  click here. 

   7. Comments on the NMGAC discussion of LiDAR and elevations - February 14, 2023  click here. 

This web page first posted August 15, 2022 and last updated 02/14/2023.

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