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Journal Papers and Editorials published by ASCE click here.

Papers presented at ASCE related meetings:

     -----  1985 "State Plane Coordinates on the NAD 1983" - ASCE Spring Convention, Denver, CO. (FORTRAN listing, all zones) - contact  author. 

     -----  1989 "Surveying Education: Challenges Fostered by New Technology" ASCE Specialty Conference, Denver, CO.  click here. 

     -----  1990 "Is Surveying Really Part of Civil Engineering?" ASCE Education Forum, Las Vegas, NV.  click here  

     -----  1994 "3-D Coordinates - A Universal Rectangular Coordinate System for GIS and Other Spatial Databases," 
                         presented at the First Congress on Computing in Civil Engineering, Washington, D.C.  click here 

     -----  2010 "The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM) Supports Modern Civil Engineering Practice and Education," 
                         presented at the ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering, Clearwater, FL.  click here 
     -----  2010 "Spatial Data Considerations for Civil Engineers," ASCE Texas Section Fall Meeting in El Paso, TX.  click here.     

     -----  2014 "Well (Underground) Mapping Revisited," ASCE Shale Energy Conference, Pittsburg, PA.  click here. 

     -----  2015 "Civil Engineering, Planning, and the Spatial Data Infrastructure," 
                        Joint ASCE & APA Annual Conference, Las Cruces, NM.  click here.   

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