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Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM)

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Implementation of the GSDM will be on-going! This category will evolve into a new web site.
Content of previous web page follows (July 1, 2018):


Second Edition of 3-D global spatial data model (GSDM).
Development of 2nd Edition and history of the global spatial data model (GSDM)
Future of Surveying & Mapping (Geomatics)
Articles and papers on the GSDM
Information on the The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM) book - including corrections .
BIG DATA issues and challenges.
What is a possible role for a supercomputer?
Network/Local Accuracy issues.
Software tools for the GSDM:
------- Excel spreadsheet programs for performing individual BK computations. click here.
------- Free
software for performing 3-D coordinate geometry and error propagation computations:
------------- DOS-based menu-driven version (limit 500 points).
------------- Windows based version - called WBK (limit 50 point).
Seminars on the 3-D GSDM past and future.
------ Surveying Educator's Award presented by Ferris State University 2007
------ ASCE 2010 Surveying & Mapping Award. NMSU Press Release.
------ NMPS Lifetime Achievement Award - March 2013 click here .
------ 2014 EMHS Alumnus-of-the-Year:
------------ Picture of Award.
------------ Biographical Sketch and
------------ 50th Reunion
Links to
overheads and other worthwhile sites
Tragic $100 Million Accident Submarine crash. Reliable maps are as important as they were 300 years ago. Analogy
Corrections to BURKORD and in various publications.
Thoughts on licensing or "What is a BURKORD® data base?"
Information about Global COGO, Inc. and link to EFB resume.

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