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Index of Overheads Used in Seminars

Describing the
Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM)

(Date of Last Up Date - April 13, 2006)

BC001 GPS Points at Oregon Tech
BC002 OIT 3-D COGO Example Data

BK001 The BURKORD 3-D Diagram

BS001 Example BURKORD Version 8 Printout
BS002 Summary of 3-D COGO Concepts
CR001 Coordinate Systems
CR002 Local Plane Coordinate System

CN001 GPS Concepts
CN002 C/A Code Position
CN003 Illustrations of DOPPLER Principle
CN005 Very Long Baseline Interferometry
CN006 Wavelengths & Frequencies
CN007 Ambiguity
CN008 Relative Satellite Positioning
CN009 Use of GPS for Traversing

DM001 GPS Satellite Surveying
DM002 Global Spatial Data Model (Venn diagram)
DM003 Surveyors have had it Right All Along!
DM005 3-D Global Spatial Data Model
DM006 Surveyors Use Rectangular Flat-Earth Coordinates
DM007 How does the GSDM Fit In?
DM008 3-D Coordinate Geometry with BURKORD

ER001 Stochastic Model - Positional Tolerance
ER002 Bias - Presence of Systematic Error

EX001 Exercises - Integrating GPS with Terrestrial Data
EX003 Exercises - Fundamentals of Geodesy (pg 1)
EX004 Exercises - Fundamentals of Geodesy (pg 2)

FM001 P.O.B. Datum Coordinates
FM002 Curvature & Refraction Correction
FM003 GPS Network at Oregon Tech
FM004 Datum Transformations

FT001 Center of Earth Diagram
FT002 Computation of Horizontal/Level Distances
FT003 Distortion between horizontal ground distance and state plane grid distance
FT004 Horizontal Distance
FT006 Geodetic Surveying Uses an Ellipsoidal Earth Model
FT007 Vertical/Normal Based Measurements
FT023 Digital Spatial (Survey) Data are Used:

GD001 Geodetic Datums (pg 1)
GD002 Geodetic Datums (pg 2)
GD003 Map - Regions of the US that have required major readjustments
GD005 Map - Adjustment of closures for North American 1927 Datum
GD006 Characteristics of the NAD '83 Control Network
GD007 Azimuths from South
GD008 Impact of Global Positioning System (GPS)
GD009 FBN/CBN & Statewide Network Status
GD010 National Geodetic Survey Policy for North American Datum (pg 1)
GD011 National Geodetic Survey Policy (pg 2)
GD012 Vertical Datums

GE001 Definition of Geodesy
GE002 History of Geodesy
GE003 Goals of Geodesy
GE004 Eratosthenes' Method
GE005 Lack of a Universal Length
GE006 Instrumentation

GM002 The Geoid and Two Ellipsoids
GM003 Cassinis' Ellipsoid
GM004 Elements of an Ellipse
GM005 Ellipsoids - Table 1&2
GM006 Greenwich Meridian Ellipse vs. Ellipsoid
GM007 Defining Parameters
GM008 Geodesy Equations
GM009 Geocentric to Geodetic Transformation (1980)
GM010 Geocentric to Geodetic Coordinate Transformation
GM011 Length Units
GM012 GPS Relative Positioning (Drawings)
GM013 Meridian Arc Length (pg 1)
GM014 Meridian Arc Length (pg 2)
GM015 The Geodetic Line
GM016 Geodetic Position Computation (pg 1)
GM017 Geodetic Position Computation (pg 2)
GM018 Differential Plane Triangle Geodetic Elements
GM019 Geodetic Forward Computation

GP001 Satellite Surveying - History and Development

LH001 Recommended GPS Leveling Procedures

LL001 An Algorithm for Accurate Area Computations (pg 1)
LL002 An Algorithm for Accurate Area Computations (pg 2)

MC001 Absolute Vs. Relative Considerations
MC018 GPS Satellite Surveying (Drawings)

MD001 Mathematical Models (pg 1)
MD002 Mathematical Models (pg 2)

PG001 Geocentric Coordinates & GPS Results
PG002 Rotation Matrices
PG003 Total Station Observations

PH001 Newton's Logic for Flattened Earth
PH002 Physical Geodesy (pg 1)
PH003 Physical Geodesy (pg 2)
PH004 Effect of Mass Anomalies on the Geoid
PH005 Geoid Heights
PH006 Elevations From GPS Data
PH007 Differences Between Ellipsoid and Geoid
PH008 Geoid Modeling (pg 1)
PH010 Technical Information Page for G99SSS...(pg 1)
PH011 Technical Info...(pg 2)
PH012 Deflection of the Vertical (Drawing)
PH013 Deflection of the Vertical (Explanation)
PH014 Role of Gravity in Geodetic Model

PL004 Rules of Logic (pg 1)
PL005 Rules of Logic (pg 2)

PO001 Practice in 21st Century
PO002 Toward A Coordinated Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Nation
PO003 Federal Information Managers Encourages by Spatial Data Order
PO004 Geographic Information for the 21st Century

PT002 Accuracy & Precision - Positional Tolerance

RE001 References
RE007 References: Fundamentals of Geodesy

SD001 Standard Deviation - Positional Tolerance
SD002 Normal Error Distribution Bell Curve
SD003 Confidence Intervals - Positional Tolerance

SM001 Using the Stochastic Component of the GSDM
SM002 Stochastic Model- Application to the GSDM
SM003 Standard Deviations of a 3-D Inverse Using the GSDM (pg 1)
SM004 Standard Deviations of a 3-D Inverse...(pg 2)

SW001 Geodetic Transformations
SW004 Portion of .DOC File - CORPSCON 4.1
SW005 Portions of "README" File - NADCON 2.10
SW006 Portions of "README" File - NADCON 2.10 (HARN)
SW007 Portions of "README" File - VERTCON 2.0
SW008 Corpscon Version 5.11.06 (pg 1 of 5)

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