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Seminars (and presentations) that have been offered in the recent past include:

"Civil Engineering, Planning, and the Spatial Data Infrastructure" - Joint APA-ASCE Fall meeting, Las Cruces, NM, September 24, 2015.
----- Pdf file is available here.
----- Power point file is available here.

"Comments on and Discussion of COGO Spatial Data Infrastructure Report Card" - ASCE Southern NM Branch Meeting - July 8, 2015.
----- Pdf file is available here.
----- Power Point version of presentation available here.

"Datums, Coordinate Systems, LDPs, and the GSDM" April 24, 2015 - sponsored by the City of Las Cruces.
----- PDF file of presentation available here.
----- Power point file downloaded from here.

----- Rio Grande Chapter ASPRS Spring Annual Meeting - April 11, 2015. COGO Report Card.

----- Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado - February 26, 2015. outline or powerpoint

----- Texas Society of Professional Land Surveyors - Sept 2013. outline and links.

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